Important DSC Exhibitor Information: "Attendees List" Email and "Hotel Trade Show Housing" Companies

Dear Dallas Safari Club Exhibitors,

DSC 2018 Attendees List:

Many of you have received, or will receive an email or letter offering a “prepackaged list” of 32,000 attendee contacts. The email starts with the following question: Would you be interested in the “Dallas Safari Club (DSC) 2018 Attendees list?”

The solicitation claims to offer the following information: “ First Name, Last Name, Full Name, Company Name, Web Address, Job Title, Phone Number, Postal Code,  Address  and Most Importantly verified email address” and cites the alleged source of the information included in the “prepackaged list”. As the Convention approaches, you may receive other similar solicitations regarding attendee lists.

Please be advised that Dallas Safari Club does not keep information on Convention attendees. There is no attendee list. Dallas Safari Club has not, and will not, sell, transfer or convey any information about Convention attendees to anyone. Outside entities have no way of creating any such list. Offers to sell any such attendee list are fraudulent. Furthermore, Dallas Safari Club does not sell a list of Convention exhibitors.

Dallas Safari Club has sent a cease and desist letter to the sender of the latest solicitation and will refer the fraudulent solicitation to the appropriate authorities for further action.

Please do not respond to any such offer to sell a Convention attendee list. Please forward any such email solicitations to Terri Lewis, DSC Exhibits Manager, at or Tyler Williams, DSC Exhibits Assistant, at

Hotel or Trade Show Rooming Companies:

You may have already been contacted or may be contacted between now and our 2018 Convention. Please note: they are not authorized to solicit to you. Please only book your room via our online hotel reservations link on our webpage. We have partnered with Connections Housing and the hotels on our booking list are managed by them for DSC. If you book with another company, there are times when close to the show date they will cancel your room without notice. When this happens, DSC has no recourse to act on your behalf.

As a reminder, if you are contacted by someone who does not have our DSC Partner Seal in their correspondence, they are not authorized by DSC. Please see our Partner Seal above.

Thank you. Dallas Safari Club

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