North American Hunt Recap

As November begins, many hunting seasons remain open or are set to open soon. In the meantime, here’s how some seasons have already fared across North America.


Hunters in Tennessee took eight bull elks in October, setting a record single-season harvest. Both the number of permits and the length of hunts were increased for the 2017 season. After 135 years passed without reported sightings, a wild elk population was reintroduced to Tennessee in 2000. With a management program in place, hunts began in 2009.

New Brunswick, Canada

Moose hunters in New Brunswick also experienced a record-breaking year. In total, 3,801 moose were harvested, exceeding last year’s numbers by more than 360. The success rate for hunters this season was over 80 percent.


As the alligator population continues to grow in Arkansas, more permits are being offered. Hunters harvested a record 94 alligators this season, but none of them broke the state’s record size of 13 feet 10 inches.

New Jersey

During the October portion of the controversial bear hunt in New Jersey, only 241 bears were taken, compared to the 636 of last year’s harvest. The hunt resumes for the second portion in December. With the current Democrat Governor Candidate leading polls, some hunters fear this might be the last hunt season for a while.

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