North Dakota Biologist Wins Literary Award

Get to know new member Karen Seginak, the 2019 Dave Baxter Literary Award Winner

“I obtained my B.S. in Zoology from Colorado State University and my M.S. in Zoology from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. I’ve since then worked as a wildlife biologist since 1990 and my passion is being out in the field, engaged entirely in firsthand observations, monitoring and research. I have worked in the past for a variety of entities such as universities, state and federal agencies, and wildlife NGOs. 

Although I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and traveled around for my education and career, I fell in love with the prairie pothole country of the Dakotas, and now call North Dakota home. 

Despite being a latecomer to the hunting scene, only having begun hunting when I reached my thirties, I am an avid hunter both here domestically and internationally. And I enjoy angling as well, particularly fly-fishing in remote regions.

I’m also an avid nature photographer who thoroughly enjoys capturing images in my own backyard as well as in far-flung destinations around the globe.  And I particularly enjoy combining my passions for photography, writing, hunting, and angling when I can. 

I enjoy reading and writing about wildlife, conservation, people and communities who share the landscape with the flora and fauna, and not just the science and mechanics of it all, but the romance and cultural importance as well.  My lifestyle is one in which I thrive on spending most all day, every day outdoors, and I try to do my best to share these experiences with others in the hopes of fostering greater appreciation and concern for the great outdoors and all of the aspects of it that enrich our lives in so very many ways.”

Does anyone else relate to Karen’s love for everything outdoors? It certainly came through in her Literary Award article, “Natural Causes” that ran inDecember Camp Talk. Read more about the 2019 nominees in your March Camp Talk that will be hitting mailboxes soon!

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