Dr. Bob Speegle Outstanding Hunting Achievement Award

2023 Winner: Milton Schultz, Jr.

The Dr. Bob Speegle Outstanding Hunting Achievement Award (OHAA) Committee has selected Milton Schultz, Jr. as the 2023 Award Recipient. Mr. Schultz will be presented the prestigious award at the DSC Convention and Sporting Expo during the Saturday evening banquet on January 7, 2023.

There are several criteria acceptable for this award, such as collection of the North American 29, the DSC African 32, Wild Goats of the World, and Wild Oxen and Buffalo of the World.

Mr. Schultz, Jr., this year’s recipient, is a two-way qualifier with the North American 29 and the DSC African 32. The North American 29 took 63 years to complete, and the DSC African 32 was accomplished in 13 years. Mr. Schultz, Jr. has been a Life Member of DSC since 1997.

“Milton has dedicated countless hours in the field and as a part of the conservation community to qualify for this award,” said Rick Warren OHAA Chair, “We look forward to celebrating him and his accomplishments this year.”

Mr. Schultz, Jr., took his first deer, a doe, with his grandfather’s World War II open sights Carbine, at the age of seven. This began a 63-year quest for the North American 29. Mr. Schultz, Jr. has hunted across the U.S., Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the Arctic Circle and Mexico.

He is a Life Member of several conservation-minded organizations including DSC, Boone & Crockett Club, Texas Bighorn Society, Wild Sheep Foundation (Summit Life Member), NRA, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Texas Trophy Hunters (Platinum Life Member #7).

Mr. Schultz, Jr., has contributed to the conservation of many species through both his time and his money. He is also a former recipient of DSC’s Herbert W. Klein Memorial (1995) and the Africa Big Game Award – Big Five (2019).

Mr. Schultz, Jr., has been a Registered Pharmacist for 51 years and is currently the Director of Pharmacy at Glen Rose Medical Center, and the Owner and President of Pecan Drug in Granbury, Texas.


This award is given solely for outstanding achievements in the finite area of big game hunting.

Selection Criteria

There are several collections and criteria acceptable for this award such as the collection of the North American 29, the DSC African Grand Slam, and the collection of any twelve of the sheep of the world. Additional Accomplishments in conservation or education are not considered for this award.  Click the OHAA Selection Criteria tab above for a complete list.


To submit an application:

  • The candidate must be a Life Member of DSC (and must have been a Life Member for at least four (4) years immediately prior to submitting an application).
  • At least sixty percent (60%) of all trophies required for anyone category must have been taken while a member of DSC.
  • Weatherby Award winners and hunting professionals are not eligible.
  • This award may be won by an individual only once.
  • Applications for this award may only be submitted by the individual involved.
  • Once an application and its criteria have been accepted by the committee, the candidate will remain a candidate for the award until he or she wins the award, unless the candidate is subsequently rejected by the committee for a hunting or ethics violation, resigns from DSC, or withdraws the application. Even if an animal that was not huntable at the time the application was submitted becomes huntable, the candidate will not be required to collect that animal.


1.) The application must include an organized list of the animals taken, including for each animal:

  • Location taken
  • Date taken
  • Name of guide or outfitter, if applicable
  • Field photo of the hunter with the animal
  • Official score sheet for each animal completed by an official measurer (green measurements are acceptable).

2.) Each application requires a signed Fair Chase and Hunting Ethics Affidavit.

Certain species (such as African Lion) may require additional forms.

Completed applications must be received by the OHAA Chair by May 15 to be eligible for the award at the following Convention.

The criteria may change, so any applicant should contact the DSC office for the latest requirements. The animals required for the Malek Award will not be an acceptable criterion.