Planning a Hunt Part One: Prepare for Show Season

Hunting season is underway, but smart hunters are already thinking ahead. Now is the time to start planning. Legacy will be held January 4-7, only a few months away. Follow this three-part series with tips on how to choose, find and book your next adventure of a lifetime.

Part 1: Preparing for upcoming hunting expos.

There’s no substitute for speaking face-to-face with hunt operators, guides and outfitters. Shows like the annual DSC convention and expo, where hundreds of hunting opportunities from around the world can be found beneath one roof, are do-not-miss events. Here are three tips to help you work ahead of the shows to find your perfect hunt.

  1. 1. Forward Thinking—Decide now what kind of hunt you’re interested in. Along with your interests, think honestly about your capabilities. If you’re not in good shape, a backpack mountain goat hunt or a spot-and-stalk brown bear hunt in muskeg probably isn’t a good idea. Look at boat-based hunts instead. Start now to learn as much as possible about the type of hunt you’re interested in, so that you’ll know the right questions to ask.
  2. 2. Fit Your Personal Ethics—Make sure you understand the fair chase standards for the type of hunt you’re considering. For example, much of the hunting in South Africa is on fenced ranches. Some are very large. Others are not. Some hunts are for a specific animal on one ranch. Other hunts allow you to look over numerous quality animals on one property. Many operations in New Zealand, Argentina and Saskatchewan are behind wire as well. Some New Zealand operators use a helicopter to hunt tahr and chamois (a legal method). Others offer foot hunts for the same species. Be thinking about such specifics of your hunt.
  3. 3. Make a Plan to Visit Specific Exhibitors—Check out hunt operators in advance of the shows. DSC lists exhibitors on its website and in its expo literature. Look over the list and spend some time online researching the operators that interest you. Better yet, contact them in advance. If there’s enough time, ask them to send you some information. That way you can narrow down your search before the show, and you’ll already be familiar with the operators you visit.


DSC originally released this three-part series in late 2013.

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