The Bull Elephant Award is given to legislators at both the national and state levels who have continually supported DSC’s mission.


Winners are chosen because they have consistently spent their careers as advocates of legislative efforts in support of ethical, sustainable hunting and the conservation principles of DSC. The award is not given every year, but is given when it has been earned through not only key legislation, but a lifetime dedicated to the hunting tradition.


There have been four awards granted to date.

• The first recipient was U. S. Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX 32), a Chairman of the Rules Committee and DSC Life Member. He is DSC’s de facto representative in Washington, D.C. and has played a critical role in several key legislative areas, including the lifting of the hunting ban on exotics and preventing firearm transport bans by the airlines.

• The second and third awards were given simultaneously to Texas State Senator Brandon Creighton (Conroe) and Texas State Representative Trent Ashby (Lufkin) after they led the way in support of DSC’s proposal of Proposition 6 that created a Texas State Constitutional Amendment making hunting and fishing constitutionally protected rights in Texas. In addition, both Senator Creighton and Representative Ashby have been lifelong advocates of hunting and fishing.

• The fourth Bull Elephant Award went to U. S. Rep. Don Young (the only Congressman for all of Alaska), Chairman Emeritus of the U. S. House Natural Resources Committee and DSC Life Member. Don has been one of hunting’s strongest allies in Washington D.C. He is a lifelong hunter and angler and has continually supported DSC’s legislative efforts.

  • The fifth award went to U.S. Congressman Jeff Duncan, Chair of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus, for his 17 years of public service, dedicated to protecting our constitutional freedoms and protecting the Nation. Thanks for your support of our hunting heritage as the key to conservation of our wildlife and wild places.


The award consists of a bull elephant head bronze approximately 20 inches

in height. The recipient’s name and a description of achievement is engraved

on award.


The award is presented at the DSC Convention.