Support for Black Rhino Import Permit

By Richard Cheatham, DSCF President

DSC (this time the DSC Foundation) auctioned another black rhino export permit given to DSC Foundation by the government of Namibia. The rhino killed by the hunter in the spring of 2017 was an old bull that had previously killed six other individuals – one post-productive male took out six productive individuals. The sale generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Game Products Trust Fund in Namibia and those funds were earmarked for black rhino research and protection.

Attached is a redacted copy of the comment to the application for the issuance of an import permit filed by the hunter in question. The comment was submitted on behalf of DSC Foundation. It includes language used in the comment submitted by Dallas Safari Club and information assimilated by Conservation Force.

DSCF Comment to USFWS

The evidence in support of an enhancement finding is overwhelming. The fact is that the government of Namibia, particularly the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, has done a remarkable job in creating and implementing a well thought out management plan. All involved are to be congratulated – the incredible success, partially funded by monies paid by hunters for permits, is nothing short of amazing.

Despite Namibia’s indisputable record of success with black rhinos – the population doubled in the 20 year period between 1995 and 2015 – the critics of the hunt will once again go on the attack. What we are seeing is this: they, the critics, are losing the argument. The public, through the comment process and the instant news cycles made possible by social media, is seeing what is actually happening. The public is seeing the evidence of the success of Namibia’s model. The public now has access that those who oppose hunting do not want them to have – access to facts that verify what we have known for years: a sustainable use wildlife management policy, with well-regulated hunting as a core principle of the program, works. It works for wildlife. It works for wilderness. It can be applied to “Vulnerable” species. It can be applied to “Near Threatened” species.

DSC Foundation and Dallas Safari Club have urged the approval of the import permit in question – we think that the proof of enhancement is clear and undeniable.

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