Trijicon Supports DSC as 2019 Diamond Level Corporate Sponsor

With appreciation, DSC, along with Sports Afield, recognizes Trijicon, Inc. as a Diamond level sponsor for the 2019 Convention, Mogambo: Dagga Boy Danger. DSC could not continue to host such a popular and successful convention without its sponsors. Because of the endorsement of generous companies such as Trijicon, DSC’s mission of conservation, education and advocacy can continue for years into the future.

Trijicon has led the industry in the development of superior any-light aiming systems since the company’s founding in 1981. World-renowned for its innovative applications of tritium and advanced fiber-optics, Trijicon manufactures the most advanced riflescopes and sights for tactical and sporting applications. 

Trijicon’s founder, the late Glyn Bindon, met the developer of the Armson OEG gunsight in the 1980s while visiting his family in South Africa. The designer was attempting to introduce the OEG sight to the American market. The concept whetted his interest, and upon his return home, Bindon began importing those sights. He named his company Armson, Inc., and the Armson sights were his only product from 1981 until 1985. Then, Bindon began developing his own ideas for self-illuminated sights. After obtaining the first “exempt” license from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission for the Armson OEG, Bindon developed a line of tritium-equipped iron sights for handguns. When he was also awarded a difficult-to-procure “exempt” license for those handgun sights, the distinction between his new sights and earlier tritium sights became clear. The “exempt” status also allowed the new tritium sights to be distributed separately from the firearms, themselves. One early success with the night sights was their adoption by the FBI for use on its new auto-loading pistols. Bindon eventually renamed his company “Trijicon, Inc.”, and those night sights became the basis for the family owned and operated company that grew quickly through its constant experimentation with innovative optics that truly pushed the envelope in optic design.

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, Trijicon’s aiming systems are proven on the range and in the field. As a result, Trijicon has earned the trust of those who are most in need of aiming accuracy and dependability. Trijicon is proud to count as its customers the U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Army, U.S. Special Operations Forces and federal, state and local law enforcement, just to name a few. Trijicon is fast becoming the preferred scope among dedicated hunters for all types of game, as well as shooting enthusiasts worldwide.

An ISO 9001:2015 rated company, Trijicon Inc., is committed to customer satisfaction through the design, development and manufacture of superior-quality products while offering expert technical support. Trijicon’s commitment to continuous improvement of products and services is paramount in its endeavors to continue as a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality, innovative sighting systems.

The vast majority of Trijicon products, including all ACOG®, RMR®, Reflex, MRO®, Night Sights, SRS®, VCOG®, TARS®, CCAS® and Archery Sights are designed, engineered, machined and assembled at its facility in Wixom, Michigan, and are therefore 100-percent Made in the U.S. The AccuPoint®, AccuPower®, and its observation products are assembled here in the U.S., but have significant components which are purchased in either Japan or the Czech Republic. All Trijicon products are designed in Michigan and have the same stringent quality processes applied to them. Each product is marked according to its origin. 

Please join us in thanking this dedicated partner and convention sponsor – Trijicon, Inc. Mogambo: Dagga Boy Danger will be held in the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Jan. 17-20, 2019. At the show, be sure to visit Trijicon’s remarkable booth #2541 in Hall E. For more information about Trijicon, Inc., visit

To inquire about becoming a DSC corporate sponsor, contact Kamille Martin, Corporate Sponsor Coordinator, at or 972-980-9644. For more information, visit

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