Unarmed Bow Transport Rules Finalized

Effective October 18, anyone on foot or horseback can carry unloaded bows and crossbows across National Park Service property without a permit. The proposal began earlier this year with a public comment period from March 2, 2018 to May 1, 2018. See the full press release below from National Park Service:

The National Park Service will publish a final rule tomorrow in the Federal Register regarding the transportation of unloaded bows and crossbows. Individuals on foot or horseback no longer need to obtain a permit to carry unloaded bows and crossbows across National Park Service property. The new rule will take effect on October 18, 2018.

Regulations previously allowed bows and crossbows to be transported through a national park without a permit only if an individual was in a motor vehicle or other form of mechanical transport. An individual on foot or horseback was required to have a permit.

Some roads maintained by the National Park Service bisect private property, making it necessary to enter park land in order to cross the street from one section of private land to another. When other means of approach are otherwise impractical or impossible, those transporting bows and crossbows across national park lands will now have equal access.

“This adjustment to the rule removes an unnecessary requirement and cost for responsible sportsmen seeking access to remote land and waters adjacent to national parks,” said National Park Service Deputy Director P. Daniel Smith.

The National Park Service sought feedback from the public on the proposed rules during a formal public comment period earlier this year. After careful consideration of the comments received the National Park Service determined it was appropriate to move forward with the rule changes. The updated regulation does not impact existing hunting regulations within national parks and possessing bows and crossbows would still be subject to applicable state laws.

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