View from A Virtual Creek, Post Three

Chores and Other Fish to Fry

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The firearms all got cleaned–something I really no longer like doing, but I had time to do so.  My Ruger single-shots and bolt action rifles and revolvers now all look like new.  My Hornady ammunition is properly sorted and stored by caliber, round as well as by bullet style and weight. I saw Neil Davies’ post that Hornady Manufacturing was going to keep producing ammo and keep his people employed. God bless Hornady!

Hunting clothes all washed, hung outside to dry. Three pairs of pants, three DSC-logo shirts, three pairs of socks and underwear, and Kenetrek boots all sprayed with Sawyer’s permethrin for protection against chiggers and ticks, for my next outing to the country, where I plan to do a bit of fishing.

I would consider turkey hunting, but where I now live, there are few if any turkeys.  So fishing along with spending time on my rifle range, on my little place in the country and mounting a couple of Trijicon Huron scopes on rifles I intend to use in the near future are on the menu.  Thankfully I can go fishing and shooting without being concerned about “social distancing”, simply by getting in my Mobile Social Distancing Unit, that is, my pickup and driving 26 miles to my place.  Even if I did not have my own place, where I live, I can easily drive a few miles to go to a local lake to fish.

When it comes to fishing and fish, one of my longtime heroes and dear friends, Jim Zumbo who lives in Wyoming, has long been a supporter of “catch and release into hot grease”.  In that respect, he reminds me of my maternal grandfather, A.J. Aschenbeck, who introduced me to fishing farther back than memory serves me.  He and I ate whatever we caught, regardless of size or species; gutted then scaled, filleted or cut in pieces, drizzled with cornmeal and dropped in lard rendered from fattened hogs butchered each fall and winter, fried in a large cast iron skillet.  No fish ever tasted as good as what we caught and my grandmother prepared!

Unfortunately, I no longer have access to hog lard to fry fish.  Lard gave a flavor that was unique and nothing short of delicious.  Fried fish along with thinly sliced, fried potatoes cooked outdoors, or in my instance in the backyard, are truly tough to beat.  That combination is my idea of “comfort food”.  I know, some of the health people who might see this are going “No way!”.  But whatever bad things that might come with eating such a meal, I will work off walking, mowing my own grass and the like.

Undoubtedly my trip to the creek will be successful but if not, I have a fair supply of fish fillets in one of my freezers.  Catching, filleting and freezing fish is one of my ideas of “prepping”.

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