View from A Virtual Creek, Post Thirty-eight

That First Cool Spell of the Early Fall

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I admit it! I am a weather watcher…. When the summer temperatures hover above the century mark I am usually looking for a cooler clime! In the past, that meant crawling aboard a great silver bird and flying to southern Africa, where the seasons are just the opposite of ours here in the Northern Hemisphere, or, I head to the Far North Country where temperatures are starting to be closer to the freezing mark as opposed to the one-hundred-degree mark. Or I simply crawl into my office where I keep my thermostat set to a level where I just about need a light jacket. If you have gotten the idea I am not a fan of hot weather, you are so right! Living in Texas as I do I am convinced when it comes to summer, cool indoor air conditioning is the world’s greatest and best invention…ever!


Being a weather watcher I tend to look ahead at least a week or two to see what temperatures might be doing in the future. When the morning’s low temperature starts dropping below 65 degrees Fahrenheit, I want to head to the deer woods, whether the hunting seasons are open or not. If they are not, then I am scouting. If they are open, I want to be hunting!


With October knocking on the door here in Texas dove and early teal seasons are in full swing. Whitetail deer, mule deer and elk seasons in other states are opening or will soon be so. South Carolina’s Low Country has been open since August 15th and I think blacktail deer seasons in California too, may now be open.



Numerous miles north of where I live, bull elk are bugling. Those archery hunters fortunate to possess an elk tag are doing their best properly place a broadhead-tipped arrow into the vitals of a dream bull. I’m not a bowhunter, but years ago I used to head to the mountains of New Mexico simply to listen to elk bugle…. Had I time, I would be doing the same now!


With the slightly cooler mornings, trips to my property 26 miles south of where I live have become more frequent. I tend to spend more time on my rifle range shooting, particularly during mid-day. I know I’m fortunate, having a range on my property, and having the time to enjoy those places. I remember the many times, years ago, I really wanted to be in the woods, but business kept me from doing so. Finally, “things” have changed. But finally, these days I am paying less attention to “the boss”! Yes, there are still writing deadlines, filming deadlines and the like, but I have finally learned to start earlier, rather than waiting until the last moment to get things done. And at this stage of life I have become more of a “pick and choose” sort of person.


Just checked the weather…cooler mornings and days are predicted…


Headed to woods! If you call or send an email and I don’t respond, now you’ll know why!




Regardless of what is going on in the world, there are always small things, of beauty and splendor, for us to enjoy, admire and appreciate!

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