View from A Virtual Creek, Post Four

Readin’, Writin’ and Huntin’

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After fish and tater feast I wrote about previously, there will be time to send some emails of encouragement to the outfitters I am going to be hunting with later this coming fall, and check on them and their families. It’s time to POSTPONE, not CANCEL my hunts.


That accomplished, I will spend some time reading.  Usually during the summer months, I have been going to Africa.  Not so this year.  To get a dose of African hunting, I plan on re-reading Robert Ruark’s Horn of the Hunter, and, Use Enough Gun, two of my all time favorite books regarding hunting Africa.


For the past about 25 years, I have been going to Africa.  When I skipped a year, the next I went twice.  In the days to come, I plan on going back to look at photos from those hunts and on those hunts which I have not already written about, recall memories and put then “on paper”, well actually in document form on my Mac computer, which I can print to form my own book of African adventures, to be shared with family and friends.  And, maybe even others.


Not anything to do? That certainly is not the case here on my virtual creek bank..

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