The Peter Hathaway Capstick Hunting Heritage Award

//The Peter Hathaway Capstick Hunting Heritage Award
The Peter Hathaway Capstick Hunting Heritage Award 2019-02-11T12:10:25+00:00

2019 Peter Hathaway Capstick Award Winners – Bill and Suzie Brewster


The Peter Hathaway Capstick Hunting Heritage Award (PHCHHA) was first announced in Dallas, Texas, at the DSC Annual Convention, January 9th, 2004.

Named after the well-known American author, whose defense of the international big game hunting community and the role of hunting in the conservation of wildlife and its habitat made him a household name, the announcement was made to an enthusiastic audience by Capstick’s widow, DSC friend and Life Member, Fiona Claire Capstick.

Award criteria include active involvement in: education, hunting, conservation organizations, humanitarian causes, research, permanent endowments, and charitable giving.

The objective of this award is to bring honor and recognition to an individual, organization or group whose achievements reveal a sustained and significant contribution to the conservation of wildlife and its habitat. Additionally, the winner will have shown long-term commitment to our hunting heritage by pursuing that goal for the benefit of future generations.

 The PHCHHA honors the memory of a great man whose writings captured the essence of his love of the hunt and his respect for and understanding of wildlife and wild lands. It is intended to fulfill Mr. Capstick’s lifelong desire to promote a hunting legacy and ensure the conservation of our wildlife resources.

The establishment of this premiere hunting award heralds a milestone for the international hunting and wildlife conservation community by highlighting individuals or groups responsible for the long-term support and commitment to our hunting heritage.

The Award will be made annually, or as DSC sees fit, at the Club’s Annual Convention.


2019Bill and Suzie Brewster
2018Khalil Karimov
2017Larry and Brenda Potterfield
2016International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC)
2015James Henry "Red" Duke
2014No Award Given
2013John and Chrissie Jackson
Conservation Force
2012Christiane Underberg
2011Dan Pedrotti
2010Hubert Thummler
2009The Boone & Crockett Club
2008Ian Player
2007Theodore Roosevelt (deceased)
2006Baron Bertrand des Clers (deceased)
2005Harry Tennison (deceased)