173 DSC Campfires with Larry Weishuhn talking with Herman Brune – One of Texas’ True Characters

This week’s guest, Herman Brune, is one of Texas’ “true characters.”

He is a hunter, writer, book author, radio show host, hunting guide of renown and formerly a champion saddle bronc rider and cameraman. Herman, years ago, served as my cameraman for a hunt in Austria on Swarovski’s Rudhurshal Reserver.

A native Texan, Herman lives on property which has been in his family going on closely for two centuries.  He is extremely knowledgeable in today’s wildlife and their habitat from salt water to mountains.  His books and radio show, From the Camphouse, have won numerous national awards and rightfully so. His easy-going manner and engaging conversation have lured many national “figures” to his interview table.

In our visit I know you will understand whereof I speak!

CLICK HERE to listen to this episode!

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