EP: 197 of DSC Campfires with Larry Weishuhn is Now Available!

Fishing Lake Texoma with Luke Clayton and Jeff Rice Lake Texoma on the Texas/Oklahoma border is the only inland lake where striped bass naturally reproduce, creating tremendous fishing opportunities for this unique species. Recently Jeff Rice, Luke Clayton and Larry had the opportunity to fish with Striper Express for some tremendous top-water action. Larry has […]

EP: 196 of DSC Campfires with Larry Weishuhn is Now Available!

Russell Stacy is the consummate hunter/conservationists who is deeply involved with wildlife, hunting, conservation, and wildlife education both in North America and abroad. But that also describes his wife Mary Edith and daughter Kaylee. Together they are a formidable force for conservation. Russell invest time and money in support of DSC’s three pronged mission of Conservation, Education […]

EP: 194 & 195 of DSC Campfires with Larry Weishuhn is Now Available!

In these episodes, Larry visits with Conor Harrison, DSC’s Director of Communications to discuss his position at Dallas Safari Club, including his younger years of hunting and fishing, and how he got into outdoor writing, previous editorial positions and assuming his current position. Includes a good discussion about DSC’s Game Trails magazine, new website, but […]

EP: 193 of DSC Campfires with Larry Weishuhn is Now Available!

During recent years, traditional hard copy publications have started disappearing, even such long-standing hunting and fishing publications as Field & Stream and Outdoor Life have dropped their hard copy editions and are now only available in digital form. During our visit today Bill Brod creator of Outdoor Media Specialties talks about the change he saw […]

EP: 192 of DSC Campfires with Larry Weishuhn is Now Available!

Jim Zumbo, outdoor hunter/fisherman/ outdoor writer/forester/biologist/book author/tv show host/speaker was long hunting editor for Outdoor Life magazine and writer for many other outdoor publications. Jim has lost count of the feature articles he’s written and of the TV shows he hosted on the Outdoor Channel. A native of New York, Jim headed West shortly after […]

EP: 190 of DSC Campfires with Larry Weishuhn is Now Available!

According to Wikapedia, Jerry Miculek is referred to as “The Greatest Shooter of All Times”. Rightfully so, he holds numerous world speed shooting records but also hit a small target at 1,000 yards shooting a 9mm handgun, off-hand. His doing so impresses me more than his world speed shooting records. Kay’s father was Jimmy Clark, one of […]

EP: 189 of DSC Campfires with Larry Weishuhn is Now Available!

Linda Powell is no stranger to those who hunt and shoot. In the outdoor world she has made a definitive “mark”! It’s been my pleasure and honor to have known “Ms. Linda” for a goodly number of years and during that time calling her a dear friend even though for several years we worked for […]

EP:188 Monty DeBoer Hornady’s “MOM,” Marketing Operations Manager That Is!

Monty DeBoer during his tenure with Hornady has worn numerous hats. Fairly recently he was promoted to what he while smiling refers to himself as “Hornady’s MOM”, or more correctly Hornady’s Marketing Operations Manager. Monty is no stranger to the many who shoot Hornady ammunition. He, over the past years has become a very familiar […]

EP: 187 of DSC Campfires with Larry Weishuhn: A Visit with Will Brantley

Outdoor writer, editor, “catfish noodler” and always a consummate hunter conservationist Will Brantley is one of the outdoor world’s stalwarts, but also a continually rising star. During the past several years Will has served many capacities in outdoor publications from free-lance and staff writer, including currently serving as the Hunting Editor for Field & Stream magazine. He […]

EP:185 Raging Hunter Takes Cape Buffalo

The African Cape Buffalo is often referred to as “Black Death”, a reputation rightfully earned. Rober Ruark described his kind,”He looks at you like you owe him money!” To that quote I would, having hunted Cape buffalo several times, add, “And he’s come to collect it!” His size, tenacity and attitude truly make him a formidable […]