2019 "Mogambo" Auction Item Spotlight: Model 1930GT Watch

Over the course of four days, visitors of the DSC 2019 Convention will have the opportunity to contribute to DSC conservation efforts of ensuring the future of hunting and protecting a proud heritage. Through a series of silent and live auctions, convention attendees can bid on a wide variety of multi-day hunts, artwork, firearms, luxury fishing excursions, jewelry and more. This week’s highlighted auction item is the Model 1930GT watch from Montana Watch Company. 

Montana Watch Company is proud to offer an exclusive custom Life Story timepiece – the Model 1930GT.  This special timepiece is intended to honor the most important events of the owners life on a very limited edition Grande Tank model – the largest ever created by Montana Watch Company at 55mmx42mm. The Grande Tank provides the most canvas possible to portray your personal Life Story. The lucky winner will work hand-in-hand with Montana Watch Company to create their own unique and very distinctive timepiece that will be fully engraved in the style of choice and include elements added to celebrate personal milestones or most cherished memories.  The Model 1930GT is sure to become a family legacy to be cherished like no other.  As described by one owner, “I could not be happier or more impressed. It is a great keepsake and heritage piece for me and my family!”  One of only 12 created, the 1930GT and personal customization purse on this timepiece is considered priceless. DALLAS SAFARI CLUB THANKS MONTANA WATCH COMPANY FOR THIS 100% DONATION. Retail Value: $20,000

Montana Watxh Company Website

For more information about the 2019 DSC Convention, go to www.biggame.org.

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