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Apply Today! Young Hunter Award

Do you know a DSC youth member who has been on two international hunts or four major North American hunts outside of their resident state?

That youth might be eligible for the Colin Caruthers Young Hunter Award!

The Colin Caruthers Young Hunter Award honors DSC’s youth members for significant hunting and community accomplishments.

The award consists of two portions: hunting and civic participation.

The civic participation portion includes accomplishments such as
National Merit Scholar, Eagle Scout, top quarter of class academically, Student Council involvement, Varsity Band and member of other conservation organizations.

The DSC Outstanding Hunting Achievement Award (OHAA) Committee established the Award criteria for this award. Originally the award was presented as the “Loving Cup” by Tommy and Patricia Caruthers in February 1991.

The deadline to apply is August 25, 2020.


For detailed eligibility and requirements, view the website page here or contact Karrie at the office 972-980-9800 or karrie@biggame.org.

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