Dealing with Disappointment

Disappointment. A simple, 14 letter, polysyllabic word hiding mountain ranges of experiences each one of us has had to deal with many, many times. Not so? The first time disappointment made a lasting impression on me was when I was 13. I had just returned to rugby after being concussed by a big, robust winger […]


The stick tapping on my right shoulder was cause for concern.  I knew if my guide was tapping me as opposed to whispering, something was close, really close. I moved my eyes far right, careful not to move my head.  Whatever it was had to be on my right side, the reason he had tapped […]

Field Ethos Partners with DSC to Raise $200,000 for Conservation

It was a great night all around for worldwide conservation efforts on Jan. 8 at DSC’s Saturday night Banquet and Auction in Dallas, TX. The partnership between DSC and Field Ethos, the outdoor media group founded by Donald Trump Jr. and friend Jason Vincent, quickly turned into the highlight of the auction as Don Trump […]

Calling Adventures and Misadventures

“Southeastern Oklahoma should expect five to seven inches of wet snow over the next twenty-four hours,” spoke the TV weatherman. Outside, the January winter’s night wind foretold of the coming “white stuff”!  Inside the Choctaw Hunting Lodge’s headquarters, we enjoyed a most delicious supper, fried blue quail, then later planned the next day’s hunt in […]

Upcoming Director Elections

On February 6, DSC members will receive an email from YesElections with the subject line “Vote Now DSC Director Election & Bylaws Amendment,” that will allow you to participate in the election for Directors and vote on several proposed bylaws amendments. As a reminder, YesElections is conducting our voting process and all voting will be done […]

172 DSC Campfires with Larry Weishuhn talking with Lorie Woodward

Lorie Woodward is one of today’s great writers who covers such varied topics as wildlife conservation, land uses and profiles both individuals and wildlife conservation-oriented organizations. Her rural,  tied to the land background, is unique in today’s writers and editors. Not only can she wrangle a dangling participle, she understands the importance of hunting as […]

2023 DSC Convention Recap

Planning Already Underway for 2024 The return of the 2023 DSC Convention and Sporting Expo Jan 5-8 to Dallas at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center brought with it record attendance, dollars raised and energy in support of the DSC mission of Conservation, Education and Advocacy. A massive thank you to all who exhibited, supported, […]

171 DSC Campfires with Larry Weishuhn First Show of 2023

As Larry approached his 200th episode of “DSC’s Campfires with Larry Weishuhn” which will happen during 2023, he reflects a bit on the past, but primarily focuses on the future.  In this first episode of 2023 Larry looks toward the future, some of his hunting plans, but also in becoming involved with “DSC’s The Journey”, a […]