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In early January, New Hampshire Fish and Game Department began the fourth year of collaring moose to study their lifespan and productivity. Surrounding states Maine and Vermont will also coordinate in the efforts to understand what factors affect population growth the area. Within the first few years of study, scientists have linked the rise in tick infestation to the observed decline in moose population. However, the moose populations are still generally healthy. The 2018 moose hunt will take place October 20-28, 2018 by permit only. Applications are available now.

In California, the Department of Fish and Wildlife increased penalties for poaching. The fine for illegally taking a state-defined mature, trophy animal has increased almost five times the previous fine. Boone & Crockett Club recently announced its support of this endeavor, along with the conclusion of their recent research project evaluating the restitution programs for poaching in every state. Details of the study are highly anticipated.

Conservation officers deal with some unique encounters with people and wildlife. Texas’ Game Warden Field Notes reported a dead Mule Deer strapped to the roof of a car driving down the highway. Upon inspection, it was illegally tagged as a whitetail. The warden distinguished the mule deer from a white-tailed deer by the branching antlers. Besides being tagged incorrectly, the mule deer had been taken out of season. The deer and rifle were both seized by law enforcement.



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