Dallas Safari Club & Mule Deer Foundation Guzzler Work Project

DSC supports the efforts of The Mule Deer Foundation in bringing resources needed to the west Texas mule deer population. The upcoming guzzler project is in need of volunteers! Check out the details and consider helping out to keep our wildlife healthy for future generations to enjoy.

Texas Big Bend

October 23rd & 24rd, 2015

Come join your fellow conservationists in the magnificent Texas Big Bend region where we will be building two “Nevada Style” wildlife water guzzlers. One on Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Black Gap Wildlife Management Area, and one on the adjacent El Carmen Land and Conservation Company in support of recent and upcoming transplants of mule deer and all the other wildlife that call this incredible country home!

We are asking that folks try and arrive on Thursday evening the 22nd, and plan on departing Sunday morning the 25th. Offsite lodging is available in Marathon and Big Bend National Park, but both are a considerable distance away and we are encouraging you to bring cots, bedrolls, tents, or RV’s, and camp out on the ECLCC. There are covered porches with concrete floors that are perfect for your cots and Port-A-Potties and showers will be available for your use, but please bring your own towels and toiletries. Good roads will take you all the way to the Ranch headquarters, but we recommend 4-wheel drive vehicles if possible for getting to the guzzler sites, or better yet double up with a buddy and it will help with parking. We may also be holding a small, informal auction to help raise money for future projects during the event, so if you have any fun items of value that might be suitable for this please bring them along! We are also specifically looking for volunteers with experience in emergency medical practice, welding, and food service. If this sounds like something you would be willing to help with we would like to speak with you personally before the project. And if you have any hand tools (picks, rakes, shovels, etc.), and cordless drills you can bring that would also be helpful.

This project is just the latest installment in a historic landscape scale wildlife conservation effort that’s been going on in these scenic desert mountains for many years, and this is your opportunity to put your name alongside some of Texas’ greatest conservationists doing this

important work! Join us for the most fun you will ever have working hard, and see where your conservation dollars go first hand and we promise you will leave knowing it was time and money well spent!

The El Carmen Land & Conservation Company will be providing all the meals during the project (although we are looking for volunteers and/or sponsors for this aspect if you are interested….) but we need to have a good head count by October 12th so we can make sure every ones name is in the pot! Please RSVP with us ASAP, and in order to keep the lawyers happy, and to insure that we have good contact information for everyone in case of an accident, we will provide you with a couple of documents to read carefully, sign and fill in the blanks, and return to us no later than October 12th.

In addition to your particular needs for a couple of hard workdays in the desert, we would specifically recommend that everyone, at a minimum, bring the following items:


Toiletries & Towels

Long-Sleeved Shirt(s)

Sturdy Work Boots


Work Gloves & Hat(s)


Cooler & Water

We have attached a map to ECLCC here, and if you would like us to email you a detailed description of the project, or if you need any additional information please contact us at the following. Thanks for your interest and we look forward to seeing you “down where the river makes a bend” in October!!!

Charlie Barnes    

DSC Vice President



(817) 343-3320 – Cell

David Wetzel

MDF Texas Guzzler Projects Chairman


(719) 748-1289 – Home

(719) 484-9478 – Cell

Check out more pictures of our previous projects here.

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