DSC Campfires: Larry Weishuhn talks with DSC Chapter Development Manager, Bruce Boroski

A few years ago, Dallas Safari Club also known as DSC started setting up chapters across the United States with the intentions of also creating chapters in other parts of the world. Don’t let the term “safari” throw you. Safari is simply another word for “adventure”. Nor let “Dallas” throw you either; DSC is indeed a worldwide conservation organization whose primary goals are conservation, education, and hunter advocacy.

Recently, DSC brought former law enforcement officer, outfitter, and event organizer Bruce Boroski on board to work with current DSC Chapters in helping them expand the DSC Chapter system.

While in Connecticut for the Northeast Chapter Banquet, I had the opportunity to sit down with Bruce to talk to him about what makes DSC Chapters unique in the world of NGO’s, how you can become involved in an existing chapter, start a new DSC chapter, as well as visiting about some of his past hunting experiences, some of which truly are “interesting!”

Sit back and enjoy and learn.

CLICK HERE to listen.

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