DSC Creates Anti Poaching Fundraiser

With the significant increase in poaching in recent years, especially in Africa, it is time for hunter-conservationists to step up with both their words and their actions. With that thought in mind, DSC is pleased to offer items for online bidding during the month of April 2016 in the DSC Foundation Anti-Poaching Fundraiser. Bid generously knowing that 100% of the proceeds (each and every dollar) will be used to combat poaching in remote regions of the world  − areas viciously terrorized by poachers. Local anti-poaching initiatives, such as the Ranger Incentive Programs in SAWC/SANParks, anti-poaching patrols in Kruger National Park, anti-poaching dog training/placement and fuel supply for helicopter patrols in Mozambique are powerful tools in the war against poaching. These programs desperately need our support. Take pride knowing the funds raised will not only make a direct and immediate impact in these regions today, but will benefit the cause of conservation for decades to come.

To learn more about DSC, the DSC Foundation, and recently awarded grants visit www.biggame.org. To donate directly to the DSC Foundation’s Anti-Poaching Program, please visit the following link: https://payments.cboss.com/clients/pymt/dscfoundation/paymentlaunch/default.aspx and list “DSC Foundation Anti-Poaching Fundraiser” in the “Donation for the Benefit of” field.

To place your bids today, follow the link here to our online auction.

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