DSC Ships Trail Cameras to African Leopard Research Project

DSC is shipping 25 trail cameras donated by Cabela’s to Zambia Lion Project’s pilot program to conduct leopard surveys in Zambia and Tanzania. DSC and the DSC Foundation support the Zambia Lion Project through their grant program aimed at conserving wildlife and habitat. DSC Executive Director Ben Carter was instrumental in facilitating the donation.

“Cabela’s gracious donation will expand efforts to document an elusive species to help further its conservation,” said DSC Executive Director Ben Carter. “In our community, we raise funds and approve grants for conservation in a big way. But sometimes, it’s just a matter of picking up the phone and making a direct connection with the source. That’s what makes this community stronger.”

“DSC is glad to help put those actively working to conserve wildlife in touch with our industry partners who share the same goals and values,” said DSC President Craig Nyhus. “We would like to thank Cabela’s for their generosity and commitment to joining our mission of securing a future for wildlife.”

The 25 donated trail cameras will be distributed amongst 12 different hunting operators in Tanzania and Zambia to ensure a maximum data collection during the upcoming hunting season.

The newly developed program aims to gather documentation of numbers and distribution of leopards across multiple hunting blocks comprised of various habitat types. The results will be used to generate scientifically-based population estimates that support sustainable utilization of leopard hunting in Africa. This data will be useful in the effort to combat sentimental arguments put forth by anti-hunting groups seeking to sway decision makers with emotional rhetoric.

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