DSC’s Communication Regarding Recently Announced Outdoor Event in Dallas 2025

With the recent announcement of a new outdoors-type event in Dallas in January 2025 that is on the same dates as the DSC Convention in Atlanta, we want to address a few of the more common questions that are being asked regarding this event. As this event is not affiliated in any way to DSC, we cannot speak to any aspect of the event.

Last year, when DSC was notified that the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center (KBHCC) was going to be torn down and rebuilt, we were informed they would work in phases, with the initial phase beginning in Quarter 3 of 2024. In that phase, access to Hall F via the spiral ramp and dock would be eliminated before our 2025 Convention. As the project continued, each subsequent construction phase would impact more and demolish more Halls and Lobbies, resulting in less space available each phase, along with the loss of the marshaling yard, parking, and sky bridge connecting KBHCC to the Omni. With a Convention the size of DSC’s, the immediate loss of Hall F, move-in ramp access, marshalling yard, construction walls, loss of parking, disruption to utilities, etc. made it impossible to hold the DSC Convention at KBHCC. Further, the reduced space available for use during the initial phases of construction is less than half of what the DSC Convention occupies. Thus, much smaller events will be able to use the significantly reduced space for the next couple of years until the space is ultimately all under construction and rebuilt.

In a meeting last week with KBHCC leadership, they reiterated that the construction timeline has not changed, and the new facility is anticipated to be completed in Quarter 4 of 2028 and will be able to host events in early 2029. DSC has letters of agreement with the KBHCC for dates thereafter.

When DSC was informed of the demolition and rebuild of the Convention Center, we narrowed our search options to a strict window. Specifically, to show respect and sensitivity to other hunting organizations, we avoided cities where other organizations hold conventions and only considered dates that would not conflict with the other major hunting conventions in the US. Additionally, when planning our new Summer Expo that will be held in the Dallas area, we purposefully avoided dates of other outdoor shows that occur in late summer in Texas. We feel strongly that all hunting and conservation organizations should work collectively to support, defend, and protect sportsmen and our hunting heritage.

DSC looks forward to hosting an incredible, world-class Convention in Atlanta in January and Summer Expo at the Gaylord Texan Resort in July 2025, where we will again celebrate our important hunting and outdoor traditions, while raising monies for Conservation, Education and Advocacy.

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