February Monthly Meeting Recap

Last night, ‘Tracks Across Africa’ Producer Dave Fulson entertained over 160 DSC members and guests with a program titled Cape Buffalo: The Future is Now. Monthly meetings are great ways to meet fellow members, and the February meeting got the year off to a great start. As usual, the crowd was highly entertained by Dave’s sense of humor and obvious knowledge on the subject. In case you missed it, here is a short video DSC shared on the importance of educating our youth about hunting:


Also, Executive Director Ben Carter shared a few stats on “Conservation,” the largest and most successful DSC convention to date.

6 new Life Members were pinned during the evening's festivities.
6 new Life Members were pinned during the evening’s festivities.

2016 Conservation Convention Stats

-Over 50,000 attendees over four days

-$7.65 million in revenue

-800,000 square feet in convention space

-1,835 booth with 1,030 exhibitors

-Banquets sold out with 1,300 each night

Next month, Dr. Kroll and Dr. Don Davis will be speaking of the effects of Chronic Wasting Disease. RSVP today!

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