Future of Conservation in Good Hands

A 2016 study revealed that youth see a benefit to prioritizing the conservation of species with declining numbers. According to a survey done by biologists and wildlife education specialists, North Carolina youth are quite capable of comprehending the difficult decision-making involved in wildlife conservation. The children surveyed set their priorities on the urgency of preserving biodiversity and ecosystem health, as opposed to adult generations who were more partial to the conservation of local species.

An environmentally literate youth is vital for the future of conservation since they will soon be the leaders of society. With school ending and warm weather approaching, the opportune time to immerse the younger generations in the outdoors is now.

Organizations and Wildlife Departments around the U.S. have developed a wide range of events to capture the attention of a vast young audience. A quick look at any park or Wildlife Department reveals a myriad of events from family fishing festivals with inflatable slides and temporary tattoos to lakeside movie experiences with a floating movie screen. There are also free fishing days, camps and workshops specifically aimed at youth outdoor education where kids can learn about outdoor skills and how to respect nature.

A recent New York Times article also reminds readers that people living in more urban areas can still find wildlife worth viewing as well. There’s something for every age group, skill level and interest in the outdoors. Remember to check for the events and best places to experience nature in your area.

Sources: New York Times and Oryx-The International Journal of Conservation

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