John Jackson Speaks With C Span on Big Game Hunting

John Jackson, Chairman and President of Conservation Force, spoke with the “Washington Journal” this week on the use of sustainable hunting and its positive effects on wildlife. Jackson and his Conservation Force team has long been a proponent of the use of the conservation through hunting model. Their work spans four decades of fighting for numerous hunting and fishing conservation organizations, including the Dallas Safari Club.

Conservation force recently celebrated their tenth anniversary since it’s formal incorporation. “Since that time it has expended approximately 12 million dollars on the ground in “smart” wildlife and habitat projects and its volunteers and directors have donated another 5 million dollars in expert legal and biological services.”

DSC is a long time supporter of Jackson.

Be sure to watch Jackson’s message (linked below), which dives deep into the use of hunters dollars for conservation and numerous other points as to why sustainable use hunting is a must for keeping healthy lion populations.



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