NY Times- "A Hunting Ban Saps a Village's Livelihood"

Last week, the New York Times released yet another great editorial on the effects of banning hunting in Africa.

“Dr. Child, an expert on wildlife management in Africa, said trophy hunting had failed to benefit many communities because of mismanagement and corruption. But in the countries where trophy hunting had worked well — Botswana, until the ban; Namibia; and Zimbabwe, until its economy collapsed in the past decade — it had accomplished the twin goals of generating income and protecting wild animals.

“When hunting was introduced, we actually ended up killing less animals,” Dr. Child said. “That’s the irony.”’

Diving deep into Botswana’s recent hunting ban, as well as discussing other examples of banning hunting, the article shows time and time again that photo safari isn’t enough to create value to animals in Africa. A great read!


For the full article, please visit the Times’ online resource here.

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