NYT Getting the Story Out

In the aftermath of the Cecil the lion controversy, there have been a number of stories, in print and video, about the benefits of hunting – the direct effect on conservation, the monies raised from hunters, and the benefits to local communities from sustainable use practices. Many of these stories come from sources that we may find surprising, at least initially. The New York Times has published several such stories, and most recently ran a piece written by John Branch. A link to the story appears below.

Take the time to read the article – it is long but well worth the time. The article is well-written, fair, detailed and accurate. It offers insight into the sustainable use model of conservation and the undeniable benefits derived from regulated hunting. It avoids the usual emotion based attacks on hunting. It is an article that all of us should share and promote.

DSC Foundation compliments Mr. Branch for writing a fair and accurate article that captures and articulates the dedication and passion of hunter conservationists, the essence of the North American model of wildlife conservation that hunters have played such an integral role in advancing and the indisputable value of sustainable use practices.


To read the article, click the picture above.

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