President's Message: November

The Season of Thankfulness

It’s the season of thankfulness, and I’m reminded of how much we have to be thankful for. Crisp, cool mornings, the opening of rifle deer season, fall colors, campfires, family gatherings, s’mores, and… elections!

Yep, I said it—elections. One of the things that being an international hunter has allowed me to witness up close and personal is the political process on several continents and numerous countries. Frankly, I believe the right to vote, and the peaceful transfer of power, is something we take for granted in America. It’s not always as seamless and easy for those outside the U.S.

We just had Election Day in the States, and it was thankfully uneventful. Even when my chosen candidate doesn’t prevail, I am always thankful for the opportunity to cast my vote and let my voice be heard.

That time is approaching for you as a DSC member too. Our elections for directors are on the horizon. Each year, a slate of 3 new directors is elected to serve a 3-year term. Do you know someone who you would like to nominate?

In accordance with our bylaws, keep in mind the upcoming timetable for the elections:

The Nominating Committee will compile nominations from voting members and the DSC board during the period leading up to December 31. In January, the Committee will vet candidates’ qualifications for director positions and complete its work before the February board meeting to begin the election processes leading up to the annual meeting. The Committee will select five nominees to be placed on the ballot. Then in March, the Annual General Membership meeting (virtual) will take place, and election results will be announced.

Once again this year, we will be using YesElections as our provider. This method of electronic voting ensures everyone has the opportunity to participate in our elections process, including our international members. It is timelier, more efficient, and more cost effective, which allows DSC to make better use of your membership dollars.

To ensure that you have the ability to participate to the fullest extent, you need to do a few things:

  1. Make sure that you have opted-in to DSC email communications. If you have chosen to opt-out, we are not allowed to email you a ballot.
  2. Make sure you have a current email address on file with DSC. If you aren’t certain, please contact Nate Watson in Membership at or 972.980.9800.

DSC is your organization, and much like any other government or organization, it doesn’t work if you don’t participate. I encourage you to take part in this process and perhaps even consider serving at a higher level.

Please know that I am thankful for each and every one of you this season. DSC’s membership is truly the best, and I am proud to say it is what sets us apart. I’m thankful for the opportunity to gather with you soon at DSC’s 40th Anniversary Convention! Until then, enjoy the season of thankfulness!

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