Register & Vote for Proposition 6

November 3, 2015 Texas sportsmen will have the ultimate say on the subject of the “Right To Hunt” in The Lone Star State by casting a YES vote on PROPOSITION 6.

By voting YES for Proposition 6 you will permanently protect our right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife in the Lone Star State. Voting YES to PROP 6 will preserve Texas’ hunting and fishing heritage for generations to come.

To vote on this vital proposition, you must be registered to vote in Texas no later than October 3, 2016.

We encourage all DSC members, as well as the general public, to exercise your right to have your voice heard on this vital issue. November 3, 2015 Vote YES on Proposition 6.


For more information on Proposition 6, please visit the “Texans United for Hunting and Fishing Rights” page by clicking here.


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