The Mind of a Sportsman in August

By Billy Kinder

There is not enough time to work. It could become a serious problem in my relationship with the water department and the folks that supply electricity to the homestead. Maybe Robin wouldn’t mind a little part time job, or two, at Wally World or something to help out through this exceptionally busy time for me. Its so hot outside right now that my required target practice with the bow must be done between 630 and 830 am.

With bow season quickly approaching its mandatory that I make clean and ethical shots, therefore it is mandatory that I practice daily. This time slot cannot be compromised. Robin is kind enough to handle the early morning trash duties for me during this crucial time of year, oh, and the mowing is easier between 630 and 830 too honey. Thanks!

Dove season is near so that means…. yes, more practice. I know of a sporting clays venue that supplies shade trees on each stand. That makes mid to late morning shotgunning a bit more tolerable. I wish my sweet Robin had a little more shade while trimming those hedges. I’ll just recommend that she save that for 630 to 830 tomorrow morning. She could maybe trim up the low hanging tree limbs in the midday. It’ll be shady under them. I’m always thinking of her.

The rifles of all calibers, for the most part, have not fired a round in months. I’ve got to get down to the sighting tunnel to check and adjust them properly. Again, clean and ethical shots require serious study and practice. The tunnel is air conditioned so this task can be handled in the heat of the afternoon. I know that must make her happy to know that I am not suffering heat stroke while tackling this long list of annual tasks.

There are DSC, NWTF, NRA, Quail Coalition, RMEF, CCA, DU and other assorted meetings in the evening hours. They demand my attention and great wisdom. I’m sure that all involved would be sorely disappointed if I didn’t show up at each. I wonder if Rob has pressed my shirt?

Scouting the ranch, trail cameras, feeders, blinds, council on the phone with other outdoorsmen, equipment check for doves, ducks, deer, hogs, pheasants, west Texas, Montana, South Dakota and Kansas. How will I get it all done in time. Maybe Robin could help me with the equipment check, I really need to go dump the boat in at Cedar Creek and fish the docks. I’ve noticed that the crappie supply is running dangerously low in the freezer. Add sympathetic and loving husband to that to-do list.

She just walked past me and seemed to be mumbling to herself. I think I could make out some words that her momma told her to stay away from in that string of frowning mumbo jumbo. I better go encourage her a little bit. Maybe buy her a new chainsaw or weed whacker. I sure wish she’d quit slumping when she walks, and how did she get so dirty? I’ll buy her a new hairbrush too. Sometimes I impress myself so.


Billy Kinder is the nationally syndicated outdoor radio host of Big Billy Kinder Outdoors. Check out his show at

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