The Power of Three Letters


Several writers in both DSC Publications and Sports Afield have mentioned the power of words, and the fact that they are at times more powerful than “sticks and stones.” Indeed, words that express strong opinions and strong emotions can persuade and spread misinformation, and do a great deal of harm. Boil that down from words to mere letters. What is the power of three letters?

Take a look at this statement from an active website:

IMAGINE 20,000 animal lovers gathering at Washington DC for a day of remembering Cecil the Lion and speaking out against Trophy Hunting and canned hunting that is taking place at home and abroad.

You don’t have to imagine that because it’s real. I won’t mention the URL, and risk giving them even more publicity. But indeed there is a website that is rallying 20,000 people to attend a gathering in Washington, D.C., on “Cecil’s” remembrance day. The word that is the most harmful there? Three letters: A N D − “trophy hunting and canned hunting.” Elsewhere on the site, the organizers write: “Since the death of Cecil the Lion, the world has become aware of the horrors of Trophy Hunting and Poaching” (emphasis added).

My point is this: How long do we let that stand? What will it take to educate the public that “trophy hunting” is not poaching. How many times do we have to explain that hunting is not poaching!?

In the coming months, leading up to an important set of meetings at IUCN, DSC will be much more pro-active and a lot less reactive. Now is the time to throw your support behind DSC – the three letters with a vision to create “a society that values wildlife, engages in its conservation and understands and supports the role of well-regulated hunting in the sustainable use of wild resources.” Those three letters can have a lot of power with the strength and conviction of its members to back it up. Join DSC and make a difference.


This letter was featured in the May Edition of Camp Talk, our monthly newsletter for our members. For an online version of the latest edition, visit the online page here.

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