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Homegrown Tomatoes

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Spring is sprung and summer is on it way. And now, it is time to plant tomatoes, be it in a garden, a tub on the back porch or near a window in your house or apartment that gets a lot of sun.

As a youngster growing up in rural Texas, one of the best things about summer (beyond no school, watermelon, fishing, roaming the woods of course) was our sizeable garden and home grown tomatoes. Talk about delicious!  Very few days passed during the summer that I did not pass through our garden, find an apple-sized, ripe tomato and eat it.  Unless you have had access to home grown tomatoes and enjoyed their truly unique flavor, you have no idea what “real” tomatoes taste like, and how completely different they are from those which can be bought at a grocery store.  If you don’t know, it is time to find out!

So even though you may be confined to quarters, make whatever efforts you can to plant tomatoes in your garden, tubs in the backyard, or on window sill where the plant can grow and produce its delicious fruit.  You’ll be glad you did come summer time!

Not anything to do? That certainly is not the case here on my virtual creek bank..

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