CA Residents: Say no to gun/ammo tax increase

[box] Below is an update from Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation for a bill that is up for a vote by Friday, June 4. Reach out to your assembly member today![/box] Ask your Assembly Member to vote “NO” on AB 1223!

California Action Alert: SB 252 The Bear Protection Act

UPDATE: As of February 1, the Senator is no longer moving forward with the bill. Thank you to all who reached out on this conservation issue. Senator Scott Wiener of California introduced SB 252, “The Bear Protection Act,” on Jan. 25. This bill is sponsored by the Humane Society and seeks to ban the hunting […]

Good News on the State Level: CA, UT, NY

Anti-hunting California Bill Defeated DSC is pleased to announce that SB 1175 was defeated on Aug. 31 in the California Assembly. Among other things, SB 1175 sought to ban the import of several African species as well as their possession in the state of California. This bill was a gross overstep by Senator Stern and […]

Potential California Ban on Alligator and Crocodile Products Threatens Conservation

California is the only state that intends to prohibit the sale of alligator or crocodile products under an out-dated Penal Code. The ban’s origin dates back to 1967 when there was concern that the American alligator and other species of crocodiles were at risk of extinction. California responded with a law to protect the animal that included […]

Action Alert: Iconic African Species Protection Act (SB 1175)

California’s latest legislation, SB 1175, would ban both the importation and possession of eight commonly hunted African species, including taxidermy received after 2020. These species include: elephant, lion, leopard, rhino, giraffe, hippo, hyena, and zebra. This is an overreach by California, and in no way would this bill benefit these wildlife species.

Damaging Legislation Surfaces in California

An alert for conservationists in California: SB 1175 and AB 3030 are two pieces of legislation making rounds in local government. Call your representatives today and urge them to support legal, regulated hunting and vote no on these bills.