Blog by Larry Weishuhn “Let her run. She’ll soon stop, mouth the bait a bit and then take off again. Sometimes they’ll do that two or three times before trying to swallow the bait. Most people try to set the hook too early when they’re simply holding the bait in their mouth,” said guide Chris […]

Debunking the Myth: Trophy Hunting Is Replaceable with Photo-Tourism: CIC Graphic

Those calling for an end to the practice of “trophy hunting” often suggest photo-tourism as an alternative way of supporting conservation and livelihoods. While photo-tourism can be an effective form of wildlife based tourism, it is simply not feasible in all areas. Factors such as low wildlife densities, lack of scenic landscapes and the absence […]

DOI’s Continued Commitment to Conservation

Funds Approved for Wetland Conservation The Migratory Bird Conservation Commission, chaired by Secretary Bernhardt, approved more than $130 million in public and private funding for various wetland conservation projects on Sept. 10. The Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and its partners will use the funds to conserve or restore more than 157,000 acres of wetland […]

Scientists Call for Shift in Global Food System, Not Wildlife Trade Ban

The coronavirus pandemic has brought new attention onto wildlife trade and markets. But, the concerns are not only that a wildlife market ban would be costly to both people and wildlife, but also that the true driver of the emergence of infectious diseases is being completely overlooked. A new study in World Development Journal recognizes […]

It's a Law: Big Announcements on Great American Outdoors Act

President Trump signs Great American Outdoors Act into law; Secretary of the Interior David L. Bernhardt announced free entrance to national parks and public lands for August 5, 2020; and August 4th was designated as the “Great American Outdoors Day.” Read more from the National Park Service below.