Hunting Faces Extreme Censorship on Social Media

Many hunters and hunting organizations have experienced frustration with social media platforms, such as photos being taken down or a photo being flagged as “sensitive content” when it simply shows wild animals existing in their habitat. But The Hunting Consortium recently experienced censorship of the next level, when they realized that not only had 1,500 […]

British Government Warned Against Causing African Wildlife Conservation Crisis

[author]  [author_info] Article and Photos by Emmanuel Koro, a Johannesburg-based international award-winning journalist who has written extensively on environment and development issues in Africa for the past 26 years.[/author_info] [/author] By Emmanuel Koro Johannesburg, 22 July 2020     Observers worldwide are appalled by the proposed British Government anti-trophy hunting imports Bill.   They are […]

OPEN LETTER: Celebrity campaigns undermine successful conservation and human rights

DSC supports the dozens of community leaders who wrote to anti-hunting U.K. celebrities on behalf of millions of people across southern Africa to stop undermining their globally recognized conservation efforts and their basic human right to sustainably use the natural resources on which their communities’ livelihoods depend. Read the full letter below.

DSC's Corey Mason on Kifarucast

Executive Director Corey Mason talks all things DSC and hunting with Aron Snyder on the Kifarucast hunting podcast. This podcast of Kifaru International features photography, Q & A, reviews and more.

Creative Ways to Spend the Days

At press time, Dallas, as are many other places right now, is in a declared state of emergency. With schools closed, hobbies halted, and traveling restricted, here are a few suggestions of new things to try.

Response to Lion Import Permit Debate

November 16, 2019 Dear Mrs. Linton, We recently saw a news article related to an Instagram post you made expressing your distaste for a lion import permit from Tanzania and hunting overall.1 We are encouraged to see you are very passionate about wildlife and habitat conservation; however, we believe we have two divergent views on […]

The ProTECT Act – Another Misguided Effort to Undermine Conservation Efforts Worldwide

[author] [author_info]The following is written by Matt Boguslawski. Matt is a licensed Professional Hunter in Tanzania, a former staff attorney with Conservation Force, and a managing partner of a respected law firm.[/author_info] [/author] The full text of H.R. 4804 “Prohibiting Threatened and Endangered Creature Trophies Act of 2019” (the ProTECT Act) has been recently released. […]

DSC Talks Sustainable Use at International Conference

This week, DSC Executive Director Corey Mason and DSC Foundation Executive Director Richard Cheatham have been attending the CITES Convention of the Parties in Geneva, Switzerland. CITES is the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. Every two to three years, the Conference of the Parties meets to review the […]

DSC Launches "Untamed Heritage" Podcast With Larry Weishuhn and Ken Milam

The new “DSC’s Untamed Heritage” podcast, co-hosted by legendary “Mr. Whitetail,” Larry Weishuhn, and outdoor radio personality Ken Milam, is now available wherever podcasts can be found. “Our goal with ‘DSC’s Untamed Heritage’ is to entertain and educate, while exploring the many wonderful facets of the hunter/angler/conservationist’s way of life,” Weishuhn said. “This podcast will cover […]