LSU Developing Lethal Hog Bait

Wild, invasive pigs cause more than $90 million in damage to Louisiana farms each year and pose a growing threat to the environment, people and other animals. With $50K in support from the state, LSU is now moving into controlled field trials of a patent-pending bait based on fish, potatoes and, ironically, the key ingredient […]

CA Residents: Say no to gun/ammo tax increase

[box] Below is an update from Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation for a bill that is up for a vote by Friday, June 4. Reach out to your assembly member today![/box] Ask your Assembly Member to vote “NO” on AB 1223!

Washington State Legislature to Introduce ‘Large Capacity’ Magazine, Open Carry Bans

Washington State Legislature to Introduce “Large Capacity” Magazine Ban What You Need to Know About SB 5078 Over the past few legislative cycles in Washington State, the firearm industry has been successful in narrowly stopping multiple efforts by the legislature to ban “large capacity magazines” and modern sporting rifles (MSRs) or what is being termed […]

DOI’s Continued Commitment to Conservation

Funds Approved for Wetland Conservation The Migratory Bird Conservation Commission, chaired by Secretary Bernhardt, approved more than $130 million in public and private funding for various wetland conservation projects on Sept. 10. The Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and its partners will use the funds to conserve or restore more than 157,000 acres of wetland […]

Good News on the State Level: CA, UT, NY

Anti-hunting California Bill Defeated DSC is pleased to announce that SB 1175 was defeated on Aug. 31 in the California Assembly. Among other things, SB 1175 sought to ban the import of several African species as well as their possession in the state of California. This bill was a gross overstep by Senator Stern and […]

Tracking the Capitols

DSC and Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation invite you to sign up for customized legislative and regulatory email alerts by clicking the “Subscribe to Tracking the Capitols” button below. In so doing, you can self-select the states and issues that you are most interested in, and will receive an email alert sent to your inbox with timely updates on […]

Wildlife Departments Working for Change

Cougar Quota Upped in Utah An emergency quota increase added 117 additional cougar harvests to the 2019-2020 cougar season in Utah. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) issued the change on Jan. 16 to manage specific areas with high mule deer population decline. The 11 different units showed a population decline greater than 15 […]