Aoudad Are Not Easy

“Stowe your gear and change into whatever clothing you want to hunt in. Brandon and Chris are down at the rifle range making certain his 7mm PRC Mossberg rifle is properly sighted in. Soon as they get back, we’ll head to the canyons.” Said Craig Archer when I arrived at his Double A Outfitting camp. […]

DSC South Texas Chapter Raises More Than $500,000 for Black Rhino Conservation

What began as a successful annual event turned into a record-breaking night for conservation at this year’s DSC South Texas Chapter Gala. While exact numbers are still being calculated, one live auction item had a bigger story to tell. Backed by donors with a heart of giving and led by their foundation’s focus on “preservation […]

Dealing with Disappointment

Disappointment. A simple, 14 letter, polysyllabic word hiding mountain ranges of experiences each one of us has had to deal with many, many times. Not so? The first time disappointment made a lasting impression on me was when I was 13. I had just returned to rugby after being concussed by a big, robust winger […]


The stick tapping on my right shoulder was cause for concern.  I knew if my guide was tapping me as opposed to whispering, something was close, really close. I moved my eyes far right, careful not to move my head.  Whatever it was had to be on my right side, the reason he had tapped […]

Calling Adventures and Misadventures

“Southeastern Oklahoma should expect five to seven inches of wet snow over the next twenty-four hours,” spoke the TV weatherman. Outside, the January winter’s night wind foretold of the coming “white stuff”!  Inside the Choctaw Hunting Lodge’s headquarters, we enjoyed a most delicious supper, fried blue quail, then later planned the next day’s hunt in […]

DSC New Mexico Chapter Takes on Public Policy

Early in 2021 the New Mexico state lawmakers were considering legislation that would have a profound impact on the future of conservation, hunting and fishing in our state. As some of us discussed these issues with sportsmen, outfitters, landowners, other outdoorsmen, and law makers, we realized that many of the local pro-sportsman conservation chapters were […]