DSC South Texas Chapter Raises More Than $500,000 for Black Rhino Conservation

What began as a successful annual event turned into a record-breaking night for conservation at this year’s DSC South Texas Chapter Gala. While exact numbers are still being calculated, one live auction item had a bigger story to tell. Backed by donors with a heart of giving and led by their foundation’s focus on “preservation […]

Dealing with Disappointment

Disappointment. A simple, 14 letter, polysyllabic word hiding mountain ranges of experiences each one of us has had to deal with many, many times. Not so? The first time disappointment made a lasting impression on me was when I was 13. I had just returned to rugby after being concussed by a big, robust winger […]

Reloading: As Good As It Gets

Terry Blauwkamp is a seasoned hunter, gun-expert and reloader. He has been to Africa more than 20 times. Terry has been a consistent part of DSC Publications through his reloading column. I’ve just been back from Africa for a couple weeks now, and everybody asks, “How was Africa?” So far, this one has been a […]

APHA Open Letter: Impact of Trophy Bans

[box] In response to several countries discussing import bans, African Professional Hunters Association has put out this open letter to those who claim to love African wildlife but are actively campaigning for bans that will cause harm. [/box]   An open letter:

Hunt Report: Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Hunt with Desfountain Safaris Easily the best hunt I have been on – Mike Brodner, new DSC Member

Hunt Report and Travel Tips – South Africa

  [box] This article was written by DSC Member Austin Cowan. Here, Austin describes what it was like traveling on his recent buffalo hunt in South Africa and offers great tips for newcomers and pros alike. [/box]  

DSC & John Banovich – Partners in Conservation

Banovich, a long-time donor, exhibitor and supporter of Dallas Safari Club is pleased to share their 2021 Collection and offer a part of the proceeds to benefit the Dallas Safari Club Foundation. Go to www.johnbanovich.com to view the art available for this benefit. This is a chance to purchase a beautiful piece of art and […]

OPHAA April 2021 Africa Travel Guidelines

[box] Operators and Professional Hunting Association of Africa (OPHAA) has organized these guidelines for traveling to Africa. All three pages have very useful information on requirements in different countries. Safe travels ahead! Another update with come next month. [/box]